A Celebrity Valentine

Jewelry.com takes a look at some of Hollywood’s most enduring golden couples and finds out what Cupid may have in store for them to make their Feb 14th sparkle in style.

Hollywood marriages are notoriously rocky, especially when it’s celebrity weds celeb. Some of our favorites marry under a hail of hearts, only to end with a resounding bang just a few years (or even months) after their ‘I Dos’. But there are also those super-star couples that seem to be beating the odds. See which Hollywood hotties are still going strong and which Valentine’s jewels Mrs.Celeb should be opening on Cupid’s big day.


Mr. and Mrs. Gere

From a Bond girl to ADA Jamie Ross in Law & Order, Carey Lowell’s most famous role has probably been that of Mrs. Richard Gere. The couple’s 2002 low-key wedding at home was an indication of what to expect in the future. They rarely appear in the gossip columns and will most likely celebrate Valentine’s Day with some quiet meditation and yoga. The perfect Valentine’s jewel for this former model would be quiet and understated like this elegant three-stone diamond necklace by Kay Jewelers.


Goldie And Kurt

He’s seen Big Trouble in Little China and escaped from LA and New York, but there’s
no escaping his long-time girlfriend; since 1983, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have made the perfect duo. Celebrating 25 years together is a lifetime in Hollywood terms and these two certainly are a perfect duet. Kurt really ought to give Goldie this year’s Valentine’s gem – a golden duo of diamonds.


Brolin And Streisand

A T.V. doctor and the ultimate songstress – in other words James Brolin and Barbra Streisand are a couple in tune. For Valentine’s, Mr.B knows that diamonds are the deal for his wife. The missus loves her diamonds, so much that some nicknamed last year’s tour ‘Barbra Blings’. The perfect gift this February 14th would have to be a diamond set for the singing superstar. What else for Barbra but some musical high notes like these earrings by Kay Jewelers.


The Smiths

The past New Year’s Eve was a day to truly celebrate for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith – they were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. Apparently, when they first met, the future
Mrs. Smith though that ‘ never in a million years would Will Smith and I be
together.’ Never say never. This Valentine’s Will should get his gorgeous wife some red-carpet rocks, like this stunning pair of ruby and diamond earrings by Zales.

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