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July 10, 2008

At the premiere of Will Smith’s latest summer spectacular, it was all about the heroines of the night and not the hero – sorry Will.

Hancock Premiere

Jada Pinkett-Smith looked her ever-glamorous self in a green goddess-style dress with some stunning blue jewels by Leticia Linton including a pair of over-sized yellow gold earrings featuring a whopping 66 carats of lapis lazuli, with a matching ring.

Virginia Madsen kept it simple with a solitary pearl drop pendant like this one from

Pearl Drop Pendant

Charlize Theron is the perfect example of accessorizing etiquette. She wore a large gold hoop necklace but no earrings and a simple upswept hairstyle. She knows if you’re going to make a statement – just make one.

Another celeb choosing gold hoops was the venerable Queen Latifah wearing a pair of large double hooped earrings. But Queen… what were you wearing? Apparently she had come straight from the gym.

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