Diamonds Swing From the Chandeliers!

The Emmy Awards celebrated their diamond (60th) anniversary this year, and they commissioned a $10 million diamond chandelier to mark the occasion. These Emmy folks don’t mess around.

Hearts On Fire Diamond Chandelier

Boston-based jeweler, Hearts On Fire, designed the one-of-a-kind, three-tiered chandelier that appeared as the centerpiece of the backstage green room where celebs made final preparations before appearing on stage.

The officially named “Hearts On Fire Diamond Chandelier” is made with over 3,300 diamonds totaling over 1,000 carats and consists of a series of diamond strands that are illuminated by fiber optics. The hand-made beauty was created by a team led by jewelry designer, Katherine Rosenberg Pineau, and was watched 24/7 by a team of security guards.

“The Hearts On Fire diamond chandelier is the most extravagant, brilliant, glamorous diamond chandelier ever made. You can’t even imagine when it is illuminated how spectacular it is,” said Ms. Rosenberg Pineau.

Imagining is all we mere mortals can do, unfortunately.

White glove service was provided to stars who wanted to get up close and personal with the diamond dazzler, and if a celeb wanted to drop ten big ones to take the little bugger home after the show, Hearts On Fire would be happy to oblige.

Nothing like a little bling to light up a room.

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