Women Put A Ring On It – Engagement Bling for Men

Engagement rings aren’t just for women anymore. More and more ladies are popping the question and putting a ring on their guys for good measure.


Popping the question used to be a guy thing, but times they are a changing. More and more women are ‘putting a ring on it’ instead of waiting for their better half to beat them to the punch.

Men’s engagement ring fashion has been around in Europe for a while now, but the trend is just starting to take hold in the US as women feel more strongly that men – too – should have a ‘sorry, this one’s taken’ sign during the engagement period. “Women are buying men rings to take them off the market,” says Heather Levine of theknot.com. Not to mention the fact that longer engagements are more prevalent these days due to the poor economy as couples push back their wedding ceremonies until the financial markets stabilize. And as commitment ceremonies become more common and same-sex marriage is legalized in more states, engagement rings for gay couples are becoming more mainstream.

So how does this ‘engagement ring for guys’ thing work? Most men wear their engagement rings on their right hands until they get married. They then transfer it to the left hand, where it is worn with another traditional simple band. Often the two rings are soldered together. Designs are generally similar to men’s wedding ring fashion, with simple gold or silver bands being the most prevalent. Un-raised diamonds are also used (as long as there is no main center stone), and some women are opting to buy gemstone styles, using his birthstone as the focal point.

According to a recent New York Times article, the trend is being driven by a cultural shift, not a marketing ploy. A recently engaged groom-to-be explained it this way: “In this day and age, we have an equal partnership in this relationship – we’re in it together.” he said. “It seemed weird to have an imbalance, to say, ‘You have to wear a ring to keep those guys away, but I get to go around as if I’ve not made a major life commitment.”


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