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April 8, 2009

May Is Gold MonthYou don’t always have to work hard for your gold. The World Gold Council and have decided it’s about time being a gold-digger is something to be proud of. In fact, we’ve teamed up to make sure each and every one of you have an unfair chance of getting your hands on some stunning gold jewelry for absolutely NOTHING!

April 16th marks the start of the month (and a bit) celebration of May Is Gold Month, and members are getting a heads-up on the gold competition. Just log onto and vote for your favorite gold jewelry design. You can vote once a day until the end of May – and remember the more you vote – the greater the chance you have at winning your favorite gold jewel.

Some of your favorite stores are also celebrating May Is Gold Month and are rolling out some fantastic new jewelry designs and even more fabulous prices. will keep you informed of the styles, steals and golden jewels that’ll make sure the coming few weeks are truly the most golden time of the year.

Remember April 16th – -go to and start digging (or at least voting) for your golden treasures.

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