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April 8, 2009

In celebration of May Is Gold Month, we’ve decided that everyone should have a glamorous new golden jewel to dazzle and delight with. We’ve asked some of your favorite jewelers to give us their gold (but let us keep our gold in our wallets!) Gold rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings under $100… We challenged them and they rose to the occasion in sparkling style. The only task you have to complete is the hardest one of all… Which to choose?

Unlock the love with a set of golden keys.

These LOVELY jewels from JCPenney will open every lock of love

Ear’d the latest?

Glamorous golden mesh earrings from Kay Jewelers (and when you hear the price, you’ll think your hearing needs testing… Ssssh we won’t tell).

One for him – One for her.

At a deal like this – you can get one for everyone in the neighborhood. Gold rings have never been so, well golden.

A locket of love from us to you.

This golden locket hides the most precious treasure of all – love. Photos of your loved ones hidden inside means you’ll never have to be far from love again.

Are you the type of person that’s always going for gold?

Well, from now on you’re guaranteed to be draped in circles of gold whenever you feel like it. This dazzling golden necklace from Kay’s has won the gold for us.

Beads of brilliance

Brilliant describes this glamorous bracelet of 18K gold overlaying sterling silver. It’s a golden jewel at a pirate’s price (a steal!).

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