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July 8, 2009

Paris Hilton got some thank you gift for spending her 4th of July holiday with celebrity jeweler, Pascal Mouawad. In addition to a free stay at his luxury hotel in Lebanon (which holds the Guinness World Record for largest hotel
suite), the heiress walked away with a diamond necklace worth a whopping $500,000!

It pays to be famous just for being famous.

Mouawad, a Swiss-born fourth-generation heir of the Mouawad Group and the House of Mouawad, specializes in fancy diamonds and spoiling celebrities like Paris and buddy, Nicole Richie, with blingy swag fit for royalty.

“I was very happy to host Paris at my family’s hotel in Lebanon during her visit there,” Mouawad tells Radar.

“I love seeing her decked in diamonds. She is very sophisticated and a true fashionista!”

And decked in diamonds she was. Check out the huge rock hanging from her neck as she took a leisurely stroll about town.

With a half a mil swinging from a string you’d think a body guard or two would be in order. But not for our Hilty. It’s ‘huge’ to go it alone these days, apparently.

Just another diamond-filled day in the life.

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