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July 27, 2009

Swiss designer, Sylvie Fleury, uses gold to make a statement. Nope – not a jewelry statement like so many of the celebs this summer, but an artistic statement by using gold in everyday objects that comment on the state of luxury in American society.

Gold-plated items from phones and remote controls to pet mattresses and chocolates have appealed to the rich and famous for years, and now Fleury is giving the well-heeled among us an opportunity to put their money where their trash is.

Her first attempt at gold sculpture came in the guise of a 24-carat vintage
New York city trash can in her “Yes to All” exhibit, reports the blog
. Now, she’s offering up a smaller gold-plated trash bin that
is covered in nickel and coated in gold sheets.

The artist made 25 pieces for her limited collection and is selling the
golden garbage grabbers for a mere $10,000 – $15,000 each.

Is that all?

If you prefer your gold in your jewelry box (and not in your trash heap), be sure to visit our sparkling
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Everything looks better with gold – from your denim skirt to your dinner scraps, apparently.

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