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October 2, 2009

Move over Spiderman. Fighting crime is no longer the most popular way for a spider to shine – at least not according to today’s jewelry and accessories taste makers.

Jewelry and accessories are taking a cue from the spooky this season as spidery creations are making their mark on Fashion Week, celebrity style and museum-worthy creations.

According to the New York Times, jewelry designer, Delfina Delettrez gave her collection a surreal perspective during Paris Fashion Week with a giant black diamond spider ring that opens its hairy body to reveal gems of your choice. Creepy. And bejeweled spidery creations are making a statement on hairpieces and necklaces on the red carpet.

Drew Barrymore made a big splash at the premiere of her directorial debut, Whip It, by wearing
The Spider Glove, a kind of hand sandal that’s the creation of Perrin Paris 1893, a family-owned French label which is launching a store in Beverly Hills.

And a golden tapestry currently on display at the Museum of American Natural History in New York City has art experts buzzing. The stunning piece was produced in Madagascar using the soft yet strong silk fiber of a local spider. The textile, measures 11 feet by 4 feet and took four years to complete. The silk fiber was gathered from the female golden orb spider, a spider known for its yellow-hued webs. The spiders were gathered from telephone wires every day by a group people who used long poles and were then silked and released back into the wild each day.

If that seems like too much work to get a little spidery sparkle, click here for’s shimmering selection of spider jewels for your own collection – just in time for Halloween.

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