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September 8, 2009

Celebrity jewelry designer, Tom Binns, not only adorns our First Lady with¬†huge statement jewels, he’s been tapped to bring bling to the world of¬†Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

Tom Binns is no stranger to surreal jewelry fashion. His sculptural statement
pieces have been wowing celebrity crowds and fashionistas for years now –
including Michelle Obama, who wore a stunning Binns necklace creation to her
first big Washington ball this winter.

So it comes as no surprise that a company like Walt Disney would tap the
artist to help bring a line of jewelry inspired by their anticipated film, Tim
Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, to a rabbit hole near you.

The best part about the collaboration is a 35-piece line with price points
that are considerably less than normal Binns offerings ($100 – $500 available in
department stores) with six pieces retailing in from $1,000 – $2,000 (sold in
luxury boutiques).

“This timeless story of Lewis Caroll married with the wonderful world of
Disney and Tim Burton’s interpretation offers so much philosophical fantasy and
peculiar surreal imagination,” Binns said of the collaboration in a media
release. “It opens up a labyrinth of doors for my particular way of seeing the
world, allowing me to express my fashion experience with my interest in art and
cinema. Alice is the perfect story to release that creativity, and I
cannot imagine a better story to cultivate my relationship with Disney.”

The Tom Binns for Walt Disney Signature line will, like the movie, debut in
Spring 2010.



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