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October 21, 2009

With their signature diamond and a new high-end jewelry line “Spirit of Travel”, luxury powerhouse Louis Vuitton is decorating their denizens with unparalleled dazzle. And their price tags? Mindblowing!

From diamonds and bags to haute-couture frocks and Madonna as their spokesmodel – when you think of Louis Vuitton you think: luxury, high-end, superstar status. There is no mistaking their signature star shape, and since they debuted their signature diamond in that same design last year, the world has been waiting to see what kind of jewelry line the luxe powerhouse would come up with.

Well, jewelry lovers, the wait is over.

On October 15th, Louis Vuitton launched their first haute-couture jewelry line named
“Spirit of Travel”, created by jeweler Lorenz Baumer who was inspired by his lifetime of travels throughout the world. The collection includes six different jewelry sets each featuring a whopper of a necklace for a mere $2.5 million – and a one-off 30-carat(!) diamond ring was presented to a happy few during Paris Fashion Week earlier in the month.

A quick look on the Louis Vuitton website details these dazzling pieces in all their glory. And while
most of us won’t be rushing off to the Paris Flagship store on the Champs Elysees to nab a piece for our own collection, it’s luxury lines like this that keep our diamond and gemstone-filled hopes alive.

A girl can most certainly dream. And if you’re Madonna? Get them all for your jewelry box.

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