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December 18, 2009

While drinking gold was thought to preserve youth in 16th
century France, has a better way to combine jewelry with libations – without, um, killing you.

Drinking gold used to be en vogue if you were a 16th century member of King
Henry II’s court,
to a recent British medical journal. But the golden elixir thought to
preserve youth carried with it one tiny problem: it killed you.

Cut to: 2009, and the idea of jewelry and libations is still alive and well –
but with a much better life expectancy.

Wine-colored rubies
are one way to bring a little buzz to your jewelry box, especially for the
Cocktail rings are certainly another fun reference to tipsy fashion – shaken, not
stirred of course. And there’s the emergence of an effervescent stone –
champagne diamonds – that’s captivated both jewelry lovers and red carpet stars this

Teetotalers and the tipsy alike are finding that
champagne colored diamonds offer a
different (and often, more affordable) option when accessorizing for a night on
the town – or just a night snuggling up by the fire.

The largest supplier of the stone,
Rio Tinto Diamonds, reports that natural colored diamonds are a rare occurrence
(only 1 in 10,000 mined), so a champagne stone is one to be worn and treasured.

So spike the egg nog, gurgle that glogg and bring on the bubbly with
drinkable jewels this year. All tolerance levels welcome!

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