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June 23, 2010

One South African jeweler is bringing attention to his brand by creating the most expensive tattoo in history –

out of diamonds.

Diamonds have been used to create everything from fake eyelashes and tooth ornaments to surgical instruments and facial scrub. But one South African jeweler is bringing bling to the world of ink with a dazzling diamond tattoo for the record books. Shimansky jewelers decorated South African model and Shimansky brand ambassador, Minki van der Westhuizen, with 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut .5 carat diamonds to create the most expensive tattoo in the world. The skin art is worth a whopping $7.2 million South African rands – or $924,000 USD. The diamonds were attached to the skin using a water-based adhesive and 8 hours of manpower. The luxury jeweler has considered making similar tattoos available at all of their eight South African or four international locations, according to Luxist. But that’s not all the bedazzling Shimanky is up to. To celebrate the World Cup, they created a five-pound diamond-encrusted soccer ball out of hundreds of black and white gems (visit our blogger,┬áThe Jewelry Insider for more). And the price? About 1/3 of Ronaldo’s salary.

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