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July 2, 2010

Move over Manolo! These pricey diamond pumps are the new favorite¬†footwear for ‘well-heeled’ fashionistas.

Dorothy¬†had ruby slippers and now today’s leading ladies can click their heels with House of Borgezie’s dazzling pair of sexy stilettos made entirely of diamonds and gold. Dubbed the ‘Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto’, the bespoke shoe, which comes with a 1,000-year guarantee, is made from 2200 diamonds totaling 30 carats. The red-soled shoes were created by British jewelry designer Christopher Michael Shellis, who spent three years working on the look. “To bring the Eternal Diamond Stiletto to life, I quite literally had to reinvent the fundamental principle of classical stiletto construction,” Shellis told the Daily Mail. “The result is not so much a shoe, but rather a fine piece of jewelry that can be miraculously yet practically worn as the ultimate feminine adornment.” So who’s going to sport these stiletto sparklers? Anyone willing to shell out $155,000 for one of the 1,000 pair on their shelves. If your foot fetish has a more reasonable budget, check out the stash of golden shoe charms and necklaces to twinkle your toes.

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