2010 CMA Awards Jewelry Fashion

With so many leading ladies from Hollywood’s A-list littering the 2010 Country Music Awards, like Gwyneth Paltrow (more on her later), Katherine Heigl and Nicole Kidman, I began to wonder if I was covering the right event.

But these looks came ’round, and I was reminded you can never keep a good rhinestone cowgirl down.


So? What did I learn from last night’s jewelry hunt?

Country singers love big old gowns. And Carrie Underwood (almost) won the night with her seven(!) costume changes during her co-hosting gig. But one country music crooner wore a getup that put Miss American Idol in her place – everyone’s favorite coal miner’s daughter, Loretta Lynn.

Now that’s country music couture!

Jewelry winners were:

Miranda Lambert in Amrapali statement earrings and a series of bangles:


Jennifer Nettles in Kimberly McDonald agate-slice earrings:

Taylor Swift in Neil Lane diamond dangle earrings:

Katherine Heigl in sapphire button earrings with a starburst pendant from Ryan Ryan

The other big winner for me was Gwyneth Paltrow. Love her or hate her, the woman showed serious chutzpah by taking the CMA stage and singing a great little ditty from her latest film, Country Strong (see the performance video here).

I know there are a gazillion country singer wannabes out there who deserve their chance, so Gwynnie jumping the line is more than a little annoying. But I like her. Despite her ‘lifestyle’ website, workout videos and way-too-public friendship with Madonna. And that song is totally sing-in-the-shower-worthy. Well played.

Lots to ponder here, jewelry hounds. What do you think of Hollywood invading the country music scene? Did Gwyneth deserve her standing o? Where is Dolly Parton when you need her? Who wore you fav jewelry look? Weigh in!

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  1. Janet

    It looks like Sissy with Loretta? Makes me want to rent “Coal Miner’s Daughter” for the thousandth time, love it, love it, love Loretta and Sissy. Gwyneth, on the other hand, oh alright, she’s okay and the song is more than passable, but, but, but…

  2. Jewelry Insider

    Yes! It is Sissy with Loretta. We just watched it for the thousandth and 1st time this week again. I could hear her say ‘Doo?’ until the cows come home. And, yeah, I hear you about the Gwyneth sitch. (e.g. But there are many better. But she has famous parents. But…but….but…:-)

    And yes – lots of tasteful jewelry ‘watches, gemstones and jewelry’. Kindof a surprise since country music is known for, well, fashion with more than it’s fair share of sparkly things.

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