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March 10, 2010

Winter blues got you down? How about this gem to lift your spirits?: JewelClub just launched their 20% Treasure Chest discount on 12 select aquamarine jewelry styles. That’s 20% off WHOLESALE, jewelry hounds.

Whether you’ve got a March birthday girl to buy for this month, or want to partake in some shopping therapy for your own collection – there’s no better way to do the deed in my book.

I think my favorite of the bunch is this aqua cocktail ring. With a suggested retail price of $629 you might think it’s out of range for a bauble this size. But the regular JewelClub price puts you in the $170 ballpark and with the 20% discount, we’re talking $135.

Or this ring is only $75! I mean, can you imagine the smile on her face when she gets this for her birthday instead of yet another bottle of perfume or itunes gift card or what have you? And JewelClub has free shipping and a liberal return policy to make things even easier.

Click here to shop from the Aqua selections on sale – or log in to JewelClub here with the code INSIDER and shop the entire stash of wholesale fine jewels. So many bargains to be had, jewelry hounds – and cool styles to choose from.

Spring fever, anyone?

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  1. Jewelry Secrets

    I love Aquamarine. That two-tone mounting with the Aqua is a great looking ring. Looks really durable as well. I agree, a ring is a much better gift than an itunes card! lol

  2. patio girl

    When I was a kid there was a cologne called “Aquamarine”, but when I google it now it’s a Bulgari fragrance, maybe they’re idea of being “retro”? Maybe it was Aquamarine lotion that my mothers and aunts had… hmmmm. Anyway, thanks for reminding me of childhood memories of “aquamarines”, such a nautical word all around.

  3. Diamond Jewelry

    I really liked it! Its color…… it looks fantastic..
    I had purchased some diamond rings from other companies, but I was not satisfy with the designs and quality. One of my friend told me about I think it is the best choice.

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