Bone Chilling Jewelry

Is it me? Or is the jewelry world getting a little macabre these days? From Jaws jewelry to creepy crawly couture, designers are letting go of the Cinderella diamond fairy tale and are embracing Freddy Krueger fashion instead.

Case in point? Bone jewelry.

Blogger Nicole Keating from W Magazine spotted this crazy cuff designed by Turkish jewelry designer, Alp Sagnak aptly named, “The Bone Bracelet”. He used a dozen oppossum tibia and fibula bones, which he says “in Turkish are unique because they are the only bones with two joints.”

Throw in oxidized silver, 24-karat gold, rubies and diamonds and you have a $10,500 bone chiller for the perfect goth goddess to grab for their collection.

But Sagnak isn’t the only ‘bone collector’ out there. Trend Hunter features designs from the “Churchyard Human Bone Collection” made from human teeth, wrist bones – even bones from the human foot!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really interested in accessorizing with poor Mary’s metatarsals (rest her soul). Ew.

What star do you think is the most likely to bust out with bone bling on the red carpet? Maybe True Blood‘s vampire queen, Evan Rachel Wood? Johnny Depp in collar bone cuff links?

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  1. Janet

    This great post reminds me of a post card I received from a friend in Europe once — an entire underground crypt lined in human bones – the walls, the floor, the ceiling. Hey, work with what you’ve got, huh?

  2. Jewelry Insider


    Just heard from the designer of the Bone cuff on Twitter. They said someone is going to wear it to the Video Music Awards on Spet. 12th – dying to know who. Pretty cool.

  3. Vintage wedding band

    I knew that jewelries are made out of bones but could never imagine that people wear the jewelry shaped liked original bones.But the images you shared clears that these can also be cool.

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