Bret Michaels ‘Regifts’ Engagement Ring

The huge diamond ‘rock of love’ seen on Bret Michaels‘ girlfriend since July was once a promise ring but as of this week has officially been promoted to engagement ring.

After 16 years, two kids and more than one breakup, Kristi Gibson said “yes” to Michaels’ marriage proposal on Monday night’s finale of Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It.

But every rose has its thorn, as they say…

Instead of presenting her with a new diamond ring to seal the deal, he ‘regifted’ the ring he gave her from Christmas 2009 that he said was used as “a promise of an engagement but without a date.”

Whatever, Bret.

It is some serious ring finger candy, though. Sources tell Us that the couple designed the 4-carat platinum cushion-cut ring with micro pave diamonds at a cost of over $200,000.

“She’s been very patient and strong,” Michaels of Gibson, who stood by his side this year throughout his sudden brain hemorrhage and subsequent stroke. (And three skank-filled seasons of Rock of Love.)

“It just made our bond for each other that much stronger. It gave us a bond that’s unbreakable.”

Or at least until Bret’s next reality dating show…

What do you think of his promise ring/engagement ring proposal? Should he have bought Kristi a new ring to symbolize this important next step? Or is 4-carats enough to stand for a ‘promise’ and an ‘I do’?

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