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May 18, 2010

Cannes Film Festival jewelry gawking is one of my favorite pasttimes. This event, unlike any other, is where the rich and richer get to bring out their baubles and swing’ em around for all to see. We’ve got princesses, queens, celebrities and model types – all dripping in diamonds for your drooling pleasure.

Who wore your favorite look?

Here is a dynamic diamond duo of (model?)Hofit Golan and Lady Victoria Hervey. If the jewelry world had superheroes, they’d have some serious wonder twin powers.

The model section (how cool is that lizard cuff??):

Chopard’s big statement makers in necklaces from the celebrated Animal World Collection:

The Princess of Venice:

And some celebrity favs:

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  1. Jewelry lover

    I must say that I didn’t like most of the hair styles, a bit too dramatic for my taste, but the selection of jewelry was excellent and somewhat surprising. I really liked the hair pieces.
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