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August 22, 2008

The golden glow of the Olympic flame is slowly fading, the sharp pangs of Phelps withdrawal have turned into a dull ache, and the looming presence of the dreaded closing ceremonies lingers like the Beijing smog. How can we capture the Olympic spirit forever when all we have to look forward to now is…(heavy sigh)…football season? Luxury designer Roberto Coin thankfully comes to the rescue.

Coin created several Olympic-inspired luxury creations that will lighten the mood – and, alas, your wallet. First up is the Golden Sneaker. Made of high-tech 24-karat gold and finished with Coin’s signature ruby, the shoe is priced at a mere $31,000. A small price to pay for Olympic glory.

A more reasonable offering is the boxing glove pendant. Made of 18-karat white gold with diamond accents, the piece weighs in at $620.

Our favorite is the snuggly panda pendant, created to symbolize the Chinese culture. Retailing at $1,580, the good luck charm is made with diamonds and black sapphires in an 18-karat gold setting.

But perhaps the best cure-all for our Olympic hangover is the peace sign pendant. This gorgeous diamond pave piece is available in 18-karat white gold with a retail price of $520.

So don’t fret sportsfans. We may not have late night volleyball thrillers and swimmers in speedos anymore. But we’ll always have diamonds.

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