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June 1, 2010

Simply Charming- All About Charm Pendants is your source for insider information about one of the season’s hottest trends-versatile, whimsical charm pendants. Guaranteed to be unique, charm pendants are available in a dizzying range of styles, ensuring that every woman can express herself, well, charmingly! From bold and fashion-forward styles to subtle, elegant pieces, charm pendants are a hot trend with fashion critics and celebrities alike.

The personalized power of charm pendants has been a favorite for millennia- charms can be traced back to Neolithic Man, who may have carried them as amulets against bad luck. Egyptians collected potent charms to protect them in the afterlife. Knights during the middle ages brought back amulets, precious stones and other holy relics back from the crusades as charms. During the Renaissance and Reformation the wealthy classes collected and wore these charms as adornments, and by the 20th century most young girls’ first piece of jewelry was a charm bracelet. It’s no coincidence that even today, charm pendants are still regarded as something worn or carried on one’s person for a ‘magical’ effect- by wearing a special charm pendant, you welcome good luck into your life.

Treasured throughout history, charm pendants are really all about personalization and versatility- they come in an unbelievable range of materials, from precious metal pieces to enameled or bejeweled charms. Charm pendants are often great gifts, as they can easily be customized to the wearer, creating unique, personally meaningful pieces that reflect the intended wearer’s taste and personality. With such an incredible range of charm pendants to choose from, there’s no reason not to show off your charms!

Learn about Charm Pendants

Charms and Charm Bracelets Jewelry

Charm bracelets are keepsakes and mementos of moments in your life. Charms are a very personal type of jewelry that allow you to mark the special moments in your life. Whimsical Jewelry Fashions

Charming, Stylish, Sparkling and Sleek – what’s your secret style? From diamond encrusted monkeys to good-luck charms of gems – it’s time to get whimsical.

Jewelry Gift Occasions: Birth of a Child Gifts

Charm pendants are great gifts for new moms! Let our experts help you choose the perfect ‘birth of a child’ gift. Gems A’Singing: Steals Under $100

Sparkling Jewels For Under $100.

Silver Pendants

With a wide range of styles, from clean and classic to edgy and trendy – silver and sterling silver necklaces and pendants are an affordable, must-have staple in every woman’s jewelry box.

Gold Pendants

Gold pendants and necklaces are stunning tributes to the longevity of a trend that’s been revered for millennia- from Tutankhamen’s jewels to modern celebrities’ white gold pendant mania!

Celebrity Charm Pendants and Charm Pendant Trends Love, Love, Love

Celebrities like Rihanna, Nicole Richie and Janet Jackson were feeling the love
– Cartier style. Find out why Hollywood’s going crazy over the latest jewelry fashion that’s wrapping the stars in style.

Jewelry Trend Alert: Flaunt Your Charms

Women everywhere are rediscovering their nnatural charms this season. Get bangled, cuffed and charmed on!

The Pendant Necklace – A Summer Jewelry Trend for Everyone!

Summer sparkle is all about a personal statement. Layered pendants with shells, beads and golden tassels – they’re all medallion musts.

True Blood’s Vampire Chic

The stars of the hit vampire series, True Blood, sparkle on the red carpet with undertated jewelry looks and a few gaudy misfires.

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