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August 5, 2009

Famous UK chocolate-maker, Cadbury, is on a golden mission: they’re scheming to convince the folks at Guinness Book to name their famous Wispa Gold chocolate bar as the most expensive in the world.

Must be a slow news month in candy land.

The Wispa Gold, discontinued in 2003, is a chocolate bar wrapped in edible gold leaf and sheathed in a gold leaf wrapper. Priced at $1628 each, the new batch of bars will be delivered to the record keepers by none other than Tony Hadley, the singer from Spandau Ballet whose biggest hit was “Gold” back in the day.

I personally would have picked a gold medalist, but I guess Spandau Ballet still pulls weight across the pond. (???)

The original Wispa was released on the UK market in 1981 and quickly became one of Britain’s most treasured Icons. One story tells of an un-named arab who imported batches of the bars to his home in Saudi Arabia for around $4,000 a day.

A Facebook Group is stoking public interest in the campaign and there are a surprising number of folks who miss the gold chocolate option for their pantries – even at such a high pricetag. The limited batch will be made available on September 14th.

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