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March 19, 2010

Despite my natural diamond disposition, I have to say that colorful cocktail rings are my favorite jewelry category. (Yes, it’s partly because of the word ‘cocktail’).

But it’s also because it’s such a great way to make a statement without breaking the bank. Fine jewelry doesn’t have to be out of reach these days – and there’s nothing like bringing an outfit to the next level with a gumball sized bauble on your finger in your favorite color.

So enough of my pitch – here’s the real kicker. JewelClub just posted their latest sale and it’s all cocktail rings all the time (well, actually until the end of the month). We’re talking 20% of JewelClub price – not a suggested retail price.

What is the JewelClub price you ask? I’ve got one word for you: wholesale. Actually, it’s often below wholesale. So 20% off that is a virtual windfall, jewelry hounds.

Click on this link to see the twelve cocktail rings they’re discounting this month. One of them is only $30 and many are under $100. Enter the code :INSIDER at the prompt and start the shoppin!

Trust me. It’ll make you feel like spring has officially sprung…

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  1. Tompkins Square

    Love the ones that are the biggest stones with the simplest settings, especially the jet black stone, lovely.

  2. Jewelry lover

    I love dramatic cocktail rings and I especially adored all this color, that’s amazing!

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  3. Vintage Rings

    Very good collection of rings ..Thank you for sharing !! If I am not wrong all rings having a diamond inbuilt in it. It is looking to be quite expensive one. What is the approximately cost of every ring.

  4. Journey Pendants

    I think cocktail rings are most famous rings as these are rings have a centered diamond with many surrounded tiny diamonds, nearly any oversized ladies’ ring may be termed “cocktail”.

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