‘Dancing With The Stars’ Jewelry

Who was the lucky recipient of a floating diamond necklace from Jason of Beverly Hills, a Louboutin Spike Purse, a pair of Gucci Anaconda, Louboutin BoBo and Let Me Tell You Something shoes? All of this loot went to one lucky Cheryl Burke on her birthday – all gifts from her Dancing With The Stars partner, Chad OchoCinco! This on TOP of the $10,000 diamond ring he gave her a few weeks ago.

I guess this Twitpic Chad took of the lucky lady says is all.

All this dancing diamond hoop-la got me wondering about the other contestants on the show, who are often seen in bling worthy of their own body guards. But I was pleased to discover that much of the jewelry they wear on the dance floor is both affordable AND available for fans to purchase. Designer, Anne Koplik, is the exclusive source of jewelry for DWTS contestants and has a gallery full of styles you can bring home to your own jewelry box. These red crystal-embellished earrings for $38 are like those worn by Cheryl Burke this season, according to the Anne Koplik website:

Or these spider-web styles for only $60 are just like the earrings worn by Shawn Johsnon as she was crowned the winner of season 8.

There are over 60 styles to choose from – all reasonable ways to bring a little DWTS bling to your life. Unless you can get Chad’s number. And give it to me.

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  1. Jocelyn

    where can I find Julianne Hough’s angel wing earrings she wore in the show that aired recently in March 2015?

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