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April 9, 2010

Diamonds are doubling down this month as the must-have jewelry purchase for gift givers. Why, you ask? Because lucky ladies born in April have diamonds as a birthstone (no one said life was fair, jewelry hounds), AND Mother’s Day is just a month away on May 9th.

So if you’re a mom who is tired of getting the same old ‘one hour massage’ gift certificate that sits in your ‘everything drawer’ and expires just when you need it most. Or you’re an April birthday girl who is tired of people forgetting that they’re just a diamond away from getting the perfect birthday gift – it’s time to give those folks a nudge in the JewelClub direction.

I’ve touted this site many a time. It’s a Friends and Family site of a jewelry manufacturer that offers steep discounts on all fine jewelry – in addition to the special deals they dole out on a select group of styles. This month, it’s the diamond dozen you need to check out.

This fun, fashion piece is under $100.

These diamond studs are over $400 off suggested retail. And they’re 1/3 carat. Not too shabby.

Just go to, use the code: INSIDER and click on the Treasure Hunt feature at the top right of the homepage to see the 12 styles they are discounting all month. Or just take a stroll through the hundreds of diamond styles they have – from right hand rings to the big kahuna – diamond engagement rings and more.

It’s luxury within reach. It’s gift giving at its blingiest. It’s time to get something in a little white box this year!

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