Diamonds For The Jane Bonds Of The World

For anyone who likes to be in charge of selecting her own bling, thank you very much, H. Stern is hoping you’ll be directing your attention their way.

They’re about to launch a new campaign targeting the ‘H. Stern woman’. Apparently she’s “James Bond and a ‘Bond girl’ all in one package” [may we call her Jane Bond, please?].

Adventurous, strong, sexy, and smart, she is the ideal of today’s empowered femme who isn’t afraid to show off what she’s got. As far as I know, this type of women has been around, well since Adam and the apple. Today though, it’s not a club and fig leaf they sport – it’s a diamond right hand ring. After all, Adam, James Bond and most other members of the less ‘fairer’ sex aren’t the most reliable when it comes to showing their affection with gems.

As far as these women are concerned (methinks Samantha, Carrie and co) fabulous jewelry is even more fabulous when they buy it themselves.

Back to H. Stern, their campaign which is set to launch in September 2008 features four collections: Stars and Highlight, Celtic Dunes, Golden Stones, and SUTRA, a watch collection inspired by Diane von Furstenberg.

But why wait for a ‘campaign’ to buy your own jewelry. Sometimes ladies, patience is not a virtue.

Why not flaunt your confidence today with a diamond right hand ring like the one below from to show everyone just how strong and marvelous of woman you are, inside and out.

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