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May 5, 2009

The jewelry, the gowns, the divas, the drama – all were present and accounted for at The Costume Institute’s gala at The Met last night in the Big Apple. And true to its reputation as the fashion world’s Oscars, anyone who is anyone in the fashion and celebrity circles got their grubby little hands on an invite.

Jewelry was – for the most part – an understated affair, with lots of diamond studs, cuffs and statement earrings. And model, Agnyess Deyn, sported a huge diamond necklace to rival the likes of those on the Hollywood red carpets.
But it was the clothes that took center stage last night with yellow gold and blue emerging as the colors of choice, hemlines ranging from ‘too short’ to ‘tutu-esque’ and the pants suit threatening to steal the girly gown’s thunder.

The winners for me were classics like Marion Cotillard in Dior and Chopard diamonds, Renee Zelwegger in olive green Carolina Herrera with a matching statement necklace, and a vampy Anne Hathaway in Marc Jacobs and Van Cleef. Love that she’s taking a page out of the Drew Barrymore bed-head playbook, right?

And my favorite jewelry look had to be on Jessica Alba, who sported Angelina-inspired emerald earrings to go with her Jason Wu bejeweled number.

And the losers? OK. You know how I loathe the misguided pants suit. And I would have made an exception for Rihanna, had the mini-mouse sleeves not put the look over the top. I just really wish I could embrace the D & G sleeve silhouette they’ve littered their spring and fall lines with – but it just looks silly to me. Am I right?

Leighton Meister and Kate Moss in a Liz Taylor-inspired turban (yes, a turban) went a bit too far off the fashion trail for my taste.

And finally, a word (or a few) about Madonna. A part of me knows she is aware that the blue bunny ears are ridiculous. A part of me knows she wears the thigh-high boots and lingerie-inspired outfits because – well – she can.

But a part of me is longing for a Madonna fashion paradigm shift like she used to give us when she emerged with black hair or a kimono or a pointed bra. This is just feelin’ tired.

What do you guys think of the looks last night? Weigh in!

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  1. Kimberly Nicole

    I think some of these people need to get a clue… I know they are famous and all, but there is a limit to my level of tolerance for fashion abuse!!! YES, ABUSE! Not everyone is guilty, but c’mon Madonna… the bunny ears?!

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