More Men Saying “I Do” With a Diamond Ring

Bridal jewelry isn’t just about the bride – there are wedding bands and rings for the grooms too. From┬ámen’s diamond wedding bands to titanium engagement rings, takes a look at the world of men’s wedding jewelry.


Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend anymore — men are getting pretty chummy with them too — especially in bridal jewelry.

In recent years, more and more American males have been foregoing the traditional plain metal wedding band for one with a small center stone or accent diamonds. In fact one in five grooms are choosing wedding bands with diamonds.

The latest trend in men’s bridal is even more tradition-bending: some betrothed men are sporting engagement rings (with or without diamonds/colored stones) given to them by their fianc?es as a sign of sexual equality.

Interestingly, this “new” twist on an old custom really isn’t new. Male engagement rings are standard in other countries, including those as diverse as Sweden and Syria. It’s only stateside that this growing practice of engagement ring swapping between the bride- and groom-to-be seems so novel.

Experts point to a number of factors behind this new trend for U.S. men.

Foremost is the desire by many working couples to ensure a “marriage of equals.” After all, just as many women as men involved in relationships today are pursuing careers — and in many cases, the woman has advanced higher and is earning more money than her male partner. Roles are clearly switching: men are expected to pull more of their weight at home — cooking, cleaning, shopping, errands, childrearing — than ever before.

Some experts feel that men traditionally have been “left out in the cold” with nothing tangible to show that they’ve gotten engaged. Wearing their own engagement ring is a way to give men the same feeling of commitment and promise that women have always had once that diamond has been placed on their finger.

The more cynical among us might also point out that an engagement ring really symbolizes that a woman is “off the market,” and having a man wear one too, is a not-so-subtle reminder that he should no longer be “playing the field.”

The good news is that if you like the idea of exchanging engagement rings with your beloved, you’ll find lots of styles for men to choose from. Guys, just make sure that if you choose a diamond ring, the stone is smaller than the one in her engagement ring so you don’t show it up. Also, select something that’s going to match well with her ring (or even consider a “his/her” set). Finally, if you plan to keep the engagement ring on the same finger as your wedding band, make sure the two fit well together.

Another rising trend in wedding bands for men is that of alternative metals. Titanium is quickly becoming a staple in wedding band collections, due to its durability, affordability, and gunmetal grey colour. Tungsten carbide often with gold or platinum inlays, is another metal that is witnessing rising popularity.

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