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July 10, 2010

Onyx: The King Of Opaque

What is Onyx? Onyx is quartz crystals fused together by nature into translucent layers of stone, revealing a rainbow of colors ranging from creamy whites, gold’s and ambers to orange, reds, browns deep greens, and grays. However, it is most commonly thought of as a deep black stone. The name comes from the Greek word onux, which means fingernail. While black isn’t
normally the color one associates with fingernails, in Greek times, almost all colors of chalcedony from fingernail white to dark brown and black were called onyx. Unlike other opaque stones which are commonly found in rounded form, Onyx’ fine texture makes it ideal for faceting.

What is Onyx’s color? Though many think of Onyx as the black gemstone, It actaully carries a very wide color range — colorless, yellow, brown, purple, pink, greenish. Cryptocrystalline quartz often displays exotic color bands, swirls, and other patterns.

Who can wear Onyx jewelry? Sardonyx is the birthstone of Leo (Lion): July 23 – Aug 22. Onyx is the anniversary gemstone for the 7th year of marriage.

How to do Care and treatment for Onyx? Onyx may chip or scratch rather easily, so store onyx carefully and never allow two specimens to touch each other.

What is the history of Onyx? Onyx is not a new stone; It is actually millions of year old! A natural process of heat and pressure creates a crystalline stone rich in color and pattern that reaches well below the surface to reveal a truly unparalleled inner warmth, depth and opalescence. The name
onyx was used by the Romans for a variety of stones including alabaster, chalcedony, and what is now known as onyx marble.

How to buy Onyx Onyx is a rich-looking, affordable gemstone. It is often mixed with pearls to create elegant jewelry. Treated agate is often sold as Black Onyx.

What is the Healing ability of Onyx? Onyx is used as a heart, kidney, nerve, capillary, hair, eye and nail strengthener. Onyx is said to help one sleep. This gemstone helps to eliminate apathy, stress and neurological disorders.

What is the Mystical power of Onyx? This gemstone eliminates negative thinking, it is also believed to sharpen the wits of the wearer. Onyx is said to bring spiritual inspiration. It is a great assistance in holding emotions and passions under control.

From Where does Onyx originate? The chief localities of onyx are India and South America.

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