Emerald and Silver jewelry

Love the Look: Emerald and Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry is all about sparkle, style and affordability and combined with the unique color of the brilliant green emerald gemstone, a piece of emerald and silver jewelry will never go unnoticed. So when it comes to purchasing a piece of emerald and silver jewelry, success is a sure thing.

Silver and emerald jewelry is a classic pairing that has been revered for centuries. Myths and legends surround the brilliance of both stones- The Romans thought the emerald would give them supernatural ability to foretell future events and was also thought to improve its owner’s memory and quicken intelligence. Both jewels are symbols of love and enduring commitment, and silver and emerald jewelry is often passed down as a treasured heirloom from generation to generation.

Emerald and silver rings and earrings have long been favorites for fashion conscious jewelry buyers and today their prices and designs are making them hot favorites with celebrities and fashion critics across the country. So browse our large collection of emerald and silver jewelry and find the right piece for you.

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