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February 23, 2009

I’m still sifting through the glittering jewelry looks from last night’s Oscar extravaganza, but I’d like to just take a moment to revel in the beauty of Angelina Jolie’s shocking Colombian emerald jewelry. If the jewels, the Oscar nomination, the front row seats and the arm candy wasn’t enough to put Jennifer Aniston over the edge last night, I don’t know what will. While I am admittedly a card carrying member of Team Aniston, the quiet elegance of Angelina’s black Elie Saab gown was perfectly complimented by her Lorraine Schwartz 115 carat emerald teardrop earrings and her silver dollar-sized 65 carat right hand ring. Bravo.

Despite America’s wish for a more dramatic Jen-Angie showdown, it appeared as if the main characters in our favorite media-contructed love triangle weathered the awkward Oscar storm well. Jennifer got through her tepid animation schtick right in front of the stoic couple without stumbling, and Brad and Angie mastered their “I’m so interested. No. Really.” for her benefit. But the emeralds, people. I’m thinking those green Colombian beauties will go down forever as one of Oscar’s best jewelry moments. Am I wrong here? Have Angelina’s wiccan ways seduced me over to the dark side? Who do you think won the showdown last night?

And stay tuned for more Oscar jewelry gabbing from the red carpet to the glittering after parties. The Amy Adams gemstone lobster bib look has me on the fence. Totally glam or unfortunately gaudy?

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  1. Anonymous

    I read elsewhere that the emeralds were Fred Leighton? Either way, they are spectacular!!
    I love the Amy Adam gemstone collar as well..

  2. Team Emeralds

    Forget Team Angie or Jen. Team Emerald! One of the few times someone’s jewelry has outshone all others. I want those emeralds *wails*

  3. Anonymous

    Wow. I kept thinking ‘they LOOK like emeralds, but they COULDN’T be….they’re so BIG…’ She looked serene and stunning.

    The Amy Adams 1950s vintage necklace from Fred Leighton was a stunner. I really didn’t notice her dress with that collar on!

    And don’t forget Taraji P Henson’s 19th century diamonds!!

  4. Jewelry Insider

    Team Emerald indeed! I’m now a card carrying member!

    Yes, Tariji’s diamonds took my breath away too – see my latest post – but the size of those Angelina emeralds were just gasp-worthy.

    And I’m no longer on the fence about the Amy Adams look. It’s big, it’s bold, it rocked.

  5. Foto Fred

    god I am so in LOVE with those EMERALDS!!! ACK! (breath…breath…)

    OK, I’ve looked everywhere – can someone please tell me how much those things are worth!??

  6. Anonymous

    Someone ought to be aware of the metaphysiscs of emeralds. I believe they are potent cleaners of “wicca” type energies. Perhaps A is up to more than just adornment with those rocks.

  7. Anonymous

    I personally don’t know anyone who’s Team Aniston in my circle. I never watched Friends, I disliked how she tried to demonize Brad Pitt 4 years ago, and now seems to have amnesia and thinks he’s ‘amazing.’ Yet Angelina is the person she goes after in the press? Hunh? WTF? Jolie didn’t divorce her. I think that was a crass, tacky and pathetic move she made even GOING to the Oscars. She’s presented before, so what was so pressing that she needed to do it again THIS YEAR, the night BOTH Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are nominated? After her recent spat of publicity where she proved she’s still bitter and has NOT moved on, one would think she wouldn’t be so keen on celebrating a night in which Brad and Angelina are enjoying their honors. Don’t get me wrong – it makes perfect sense if you’re channeling Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, but in every other way, it does not. So yeah again…why are you Team Aniston again? Her talent, beauty, compassionate and charitable soul? Or would it be her PR driven need to latch onto Jolie & Pitt like a parasite as a ‘second career’ post TV sit-com? Like I said, I was at the Oscars a couple years back, I recall that she was there – but not too many others do. This year, they won’t forget her – wonder why? Yeah, Brad & Angelina should get cut a paycheck from Aniston’s account, for the way they’ve carried her.

  8. Anonymous

    You have to hand it to Angie — her sense of style is terrific. She could put on a burlap sack and make Aniston look like a bag lady. I was really hoping to see her wearing some color this time. But then I realized that black was the perfect background to show off those emeralds.

    My God, those emeralds!! As big as they were, they didn’t look flashy at all, and they brought out the color of her eyes. She left everybody else, including Aniston, in the dust.

  9. Anonymous

    Team Angelina of course. Jennifer just proves that she is a fame you know what for even going to the oscars and riding on the triangle coat tails yet again and again and again. And jennifers nervousness and stumbling speech, – oh well, if you think she did well, could it be that the bar is set rather low for her??

    Angelina hit all the right notes. The hair was simply styled. The black gown showing her lovely shoulders and creamy skin. And then, the emerald earrings to frame that most uniquely beautiful face. Nothing else was required. She knew it and we know it.

  10. gds

    Team Angelina. The dress, the hair and the emeralds gave her the goddess entrance. As for Aniston, the whole scenario was embarrassing, from the Heidi braid to the boy toy…she is getting more pathetic by the day.

  11. Anonymous

    The emeralds and Angelina were both stunning on Sunday night. While Jolie looked sophisticated, elegant, polished and refined, Aniston looked like exactly what she is – a 40 year-old woman desperately trying to hang on to her youth. A braid in her hair? Isn’t that all the rage with the tweens and early 20s sets? For someone with such highly touted hair the woman never does anything but the same-old, same old loose Cali, wild and hot-young-thing look. It’s boring, repetitive and just makes her look downright pathetic.

    I won’t even get into the debate on whether or not Aniston should have been at the Oscars (she shoudn’t have), but saying she did a good job on her award presentation is an outright lie. She flubbed it big time. She clearly got out there, took one look at The Jolie sitting there calmly smiling at her and lost her focus. It surely didn’t help that Pitt in no way acknowledged her presence. Some people say she smiled at Pitt, yet it looked more like a grimace to me. She was outmatched when she clamped eyes on THE Angelina Jolie and she knew it. There’s no competition here. Jolie won it 4 years ago. It’s time for people to move on and stop these insane comparisons of the two. Jennifer Aniston is simply no match for Angelina Jolie. Not in talent, not in connections, not influence and sure as hell not in looks. Jolie wins all categories hands down. The end.

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