Four July 4th Jewelry Ideas

It’s almost July 4th again, jewelry hounds – that wholesome American holiday where folks all over this great nation utter the time-honored phrase,

“Hold my beer while I light this.”

Sparklers of a different sort are what I’m interested in, so here are a few of my July 4th jewelry thoughts to add a little flare to your fashion.

1. Cocktail Rings

I like the idea of using your jewelry to add that last bit of red, white or blue to the BBQ ensemble – and what better way than with an oversized cocktail ring? Grab a costume piece from the vintage store down the block or shop from a huge selection of gemstone styles.

2. Step Away From The Flag Jewelry

Why not hit the holiday on the nose with a little flag jewelry? Because it’s predictable, Mary. That’s why. How about a little ‘star’ power like this instead?

3. Dangle/Disco Earrings

Time to bring out your fireworks-inspired ear wear, ladies. The more they glitter the better.

4. The Star ‘Bangled’ Banner, anyone?…Anyone?

Finally – the tried-and-true layered bangle look is a great way to add the ‘Old Glory’ color triumvirate to an all-white ensemble. You’ve already got ’em in the jewelry box. Time to bring ’em out an layer ’em on – maybe with a splash of gold for good measure?

Ok, jewelry hounds. Time to go get my, ‘No, I really DO like potato salad’ game face on.

In the meantime, weigh in with some of your favorite July 4th jewels!

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  1. Patio Janet

    ca ca ca ca ca ca CAH! Happy Fourth Jewelry Insider! Love that red bracelet/cuff!

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