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September 23, 2009

Glass Pendants- Clearly Stunning! is your go-to source for expert information, buying tips and shopping advice
helping you find the perfect glass pendant. With a wide range of styles- from elegant and classic to edgy and trendy-sparkling glass pendants are an affordable, must-have staple in every woman’s jewelry box.

Thanks to their affordability, crystal and glass pendants are often available in an incredible range of versatile styles, including bold pieces that would be impossible to create using precious gems. Glass pendants are now often made by
the highest level of artisans, who raise the pendants’ brilliant refraction or
subtle smokiness to unparalleled levels! More fine jewelry designers have begun
to include glass pendants in their repertoires in order to bring down price
points without sacrificing style or quality. The marriage of classic techniques
and new technology enables glassblowers to create glass pendants of every
imaginable shape and consistency- truly wearable works of arts.

From Art Deco- inspired glass pendants to bohemian bead pendants, glass pendants
are uniquely affordable and versatile, making them hot favorites with fashion
critics and celebrities. With glass pendants popping up everywhere- from the
showrooms of top jewelry designers to the necks of rising starlets- why would
anyone take a pass on glass?

Learn about Glass Pendants and Glass Pendant Trends

Jewelry Pendants

Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on choosing the perfect pendant.
From golden charms, diamond hearts, sparkling animals and gemstone beauties –
discover a dazzling array of pendants for every style, occasion and budget.

Crystal and Glass Jewelry

High-precision cut crystal and glass jewelry has the twin benefits of being both
fashionable and affordable. From top-quality crystal necklaces to intricately
carved glass figurines, has the variety you’re looking for.

A Glass Act

Glass is used to make much more than wine glasses and windowpanes. See which New
York museum exhibit is displaying a stunning array glass jewelry styles that are
both daring and dangerous.

Beaded Jewelry

Nothing completes a bohemian chic ensemble quite like a piece of beaded jewelry. explains why beads are so beloved.
Jewelry Fashion Gets Fun and Frivolous

A tangled mess of beaded jewelry is the look to beat, thanks to fashion’s
“everything goes” mentality.

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