Gold, Gems and Golf?

If you’re confused about what jewelry to wear on the gold course and what is considered ‘too much’ – I’ve got one golden rule – keep the jewels off the green – unless they’re on the putter.

Confused – don’t be – if you’ve got around $4,000 to spare, your jewelry golfing woes are solved.

A German company, Barth & Sons, have developed a special ‘putter’ for lady golfers who place style and bling above practicality and budget. They’ve developed a custom-built putter with a 24kt gold-plated shaft and a head with crystal inlays ( the basic version features pink but you can customize to almost color you want).

The packaging is done in a hand-crafted case of cherry wood and carries a personal engraving on the shaft or a gold plate on the Putter-Inlay if desired. The company also offers several possibilities to further personalize your GoldenPutter, for example, if crystals are a bit too plebian, you can opt for a more expensive model with gems and diamonds instead.

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