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January 11, 2011

The 2011 Golden Globe Awards are likely to give us jewelry-gawking fools the most star-studded red carpet yet – with heavy hitters like Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore (deep inhale) all nominated, not to mention TV beauties like Kyra Sedgwick and Lea Michele.

So. Before I launch into my jewelry fashion predictions, please consider this invitation to join me and the rest of the jewelry-loving blogosphere as we live Tweet the red carpet using the hashtag:


I’ll be starting the fun (and popping the champagne) at 6pm EST (3pm PST,) but the witching hour is probably going to hit around 7pmish. Stay tuned – and weigh in!

OK. While making any kind of fashion prediction is usually just an exercise in being wrong – here are my thoughts for the Globes:

1. Bare Necked Ladies

While statement necklaces were the go-to jewelry staple of 2008 and 2009 the look started to wane in 2010 and (I think) will be hard to find in 2011 – even though they’re my favorite jaw-dropper of a jewel on the carpet. Sigh.

2. Vintage Vixens

Vintage gems are always a favorite red carpet choice among A-listers and their stylists (Rachel Zoe, et al) – and with blackened metal trending big for Spring 2011, I’m expecting to see a lot of this category on Sunday night. Especially on stars like Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway.

3. Pink Is the New Purple

The 2010 Globes were all about purple gowns and gems – and this year? I’m going with pink. Pink dresses, pink gemstone jewelry, pink handbags. I might be way off here, but if color authority, Pantone, picked blushy Honeysuckle as their Spring 2011 color topper – I’m thinkin’ the Hollywood set is going to follow suit. Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t have a monopoly on this color, people.

4. It’s Not Easy Being Green

The last two years saw emeralds shine bright at the big awards shows (e.g. Angelina Jolie’s 2009 Oscar earrings, Julianne Moore’s Bvlgari beauties at last year’s Globes). In 2011, though, the precious gemstone category is all about sapphires and rubies.

Kate Middleton getting Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring hurtled the category to new heights this holiday, and ruby engagement rings are making big news on stars like Jessica Simpson, American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox and Bachelorette/Soap Star/Skating With the Star, Rebecca Budgi. I’ve seen Nicole Kidman rock the red before. And Natalie Portman has the baby blues these days so….

5. Angelina Jolie Will Disappoint Me

I think you all know how I feel about Ms. Jolie’s lack of imagination when it comes to her red carpet chocies lately. Was her emerald Oscar miracle a one-hit-wonder? I hope I’m wrong, but my guess is we’ll be getting more black and more diamond basics. If not?  I’ll chug an entire glass of champagne while Tweeting. Twist my arm.

So there you have it. Those five predictions along with a smattering of statement earrings and yellow gold are the jewelry styles I’m looking for on the 68th Annual Golden Globe red carpet this Sunday.

What do you guys think? Pretty darn close? Or pass the Perrier-Jouet?

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