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August 25, 2008

Fashionistas, take a moment away from your Vogue fall fashion editions to celebrate another long-awaited arrival. Gossip Girl returns on September 1st. The cast kicked off the second season last night at Henri Bendel’s ultra-luxe, Fifth Avenue store in NYC, where stunning GG-inspired window displays were unveiled. Sadly, two of our favorite things were missing from the fête: Blake Lively and good jewelry.

We can’t speak to the looks in the display windows, but the outfits on the red carpet were anything but inspiring. Even Leighton Meester, who rarely makes a misstep, came out a little, shall we say, dull. Aren’t you listening to us girls? BIG jewelry is BACK!

Actress Taylor Momsen got it right, with layered chains and a statement, vintage piece, but we’re wondering why she chose the ‘Sandy from Grease meets Joan Jett’ look to go with them. Jessica Szohr’s winged gold charm necklace makes sense for the first day of school, maybe, but underwhelmed at a fashion-inspired soiree. Hello? And Dreama Walker’s bangles nearly swallowed her wrist. We won’t mention the feather ‘boa’. Ugh. Ladies!

It’s a sad day in bling-land when the hottest cast in town makes a poor showing. We’ll give them a chance to redeem themselves when costume designer, Eric Daman gets his hands on them for the actual series. At least HE brought out the glitter last night. As if!

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