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June 10, 2008

Expert advice, shopping tips and an insider?s buying guide on finding heart pendants and heart jewelry that you’ll never stop loving. Discover’s a dazzling array of heart pendants for every style, occasion and budget.

Heart-shaped jewelry comes in as many forms as love itself, but probably the most popular heart-shaped jewelry is a beautiful heart pendant. Affordable, chic, stylish and stunning – finding the perfect piece of heart jewelry has never been easier.

Heart-shaped jewelry is more than just a romantic gift – for centuries the iconic heart style has been a symbol of the spiritual and emotional core of a person’s soul. Wearing a heart pendant is stylish way of expressing your love for the world. With sparkling silver heart pendants starting at under $50, there’s no reason not to show you love for the world.

Fashionable heart pendants are stealing the fashion spotlight on today’s runways. From Rihanna to Heather Graham, stars are showing off their heart jewelry and dazzling up the red carpet.

Heart Pendants can be found in timeless antique jewelry and in fashion lines today from celebrity designers. From Jane Seymour’s Open Heart Jewelry line to Tiffany’s heart pendants, these charms are beloved by women the world over. But don’t be fooled into thinking heart jewelry is only intended as a symbol of romance. It makes a fantastic gift for graduation, Mother’s Day or any day of
celebration because it does the talking.

Learn about Heart Pendants

Heart Jewelry

Everyone knows that hearts are the universal symbol of love, romance, passion, and devotion. And jewelry is the ultimate gift of love. Enjoy’s newly expanded Heart Jewelry category as your guide to just the right choice for your special someone.

Jewelry Pendants

Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on choosing the perfect pendant. From golden charms, diamond hearts, sparkling animals and gemstone beauties – discover a dazzling array of pendants for every style, occasion and budget. Classic Shapes Under $100

Classic jewels for under $100.’s guide to the classics at vintage prices

Celebrity Trends: Heart Pendants Love In The Open

Elizabeth Hurley, Rihanna, Heather Graham and more show off their ‘must have’ jewel for the year – a heart pendant.

Michael Jackson Buried in Heart Necklace and Pearls

Paris Jackson gave her father one last gift before saying good-bye: one half of a broken heart necklace.

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