Holiday Jewelry Trend: Bling Out in Black and Gold

The holiday season is full of jewelry fashion conundrums.

With office parties, ornament exchanges, kids’ concerts, family functions and all manner of caroling and cocktailing – it’s no wonder someone thought it best to spike the eggnog (well played).

But I’ve got a simple jewelry solution for every festive occasion that’s both on trend and traditional: bling out in black and gold.

I spotted Katy Perry in the trend at the Grammy Nomination Party just last night.

Fashion darling, Christian Siriano, just launched his own vintage-inspired bauble line, Regal Estate, that’s littered with black and gold beauties – all for $29.95 on his burgeoning fashion site


The always fab, JewelClub, has a ton of black and gold styles in their sample sale stash for a steal.

And my favorite luxury location, Luxist, highlighted the trend recently with these more expensive interpretations.

My thought this year is to get two or three classic black and gold styles and rotate them. Pile ’em on for the big events or add just a sprinkle of sparkle for the daytime dalliances. And the looks will keep on giving year-round – unlike some trends that expire as soon as they make a splash (bug jewelry, anyone?)

So the moral of the story? Keep Santa season simple this year without skimping on style. And keep the eggnog close.

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  1. Anonymous

    Regal Estate is actually on and it’s amazing. I hear it’s selling out fast! Gorgeous ONE OF A KIND pieces.

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