It’s a Dog Eat Diamond World

Man’s best friend met girls’ best friend when a hungry Golden Retriever named Soli snarfed up a whopping $20,000 diamond at a jewelery store outside of Washington DC.

Zoikes! That’s some Scooby snack…

A diamond dealer brought the big rock to the store but he dropped it as he got it out to show owners Robert Rosin and George Kaufmann, and in an instant, Soli had gobbled up the three-plus carat rock.

They called a vet who advised them to let the diamond follow nature’s course, which meant Kaufmann had to track Silo’s every, ummm, ‘movement’.

“It was not that pleasant. I followed him. I had to pick up his stuff. I went through the things. I can understand what it was like in the old Gold Rush because I felt like I had just hit pay dirt,” Kaufman told the AP.

Talk about a diamond in the ‘ruff’. (buh-duh-dum).

Pay dirt apparently happened after three days and the diamond has since been reunited with its rightful owner. All’s well that ‘ends’ well.

Has your pet ever devoured a diamond or other family jewel? My only jewelry disasters have been self-inflicted, I’m afraid. Weigh in!

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  1. maisyoats

    So someone in the near future will be wearing a diamond on her finger – showing it to all her friends – oblivious to the fact that it was fished out of a dog’s doo-doo…

  2. Anonymous

    My dog growing up ate my sister’s amethyst ring. Needless to say once it “reemerged” she wasn’t so keen on wearing it.

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