Jewelry a No-Show at Twilight Premiere

Twi-hards screamed, photogs jostled, and celebrities littered the red carpet of the Twilight: New Moon premiere in Los Angeles last night. At long last, the vampire sensation is unleashing its next installment on the teen set and the parents who love them – and the party was a big one.

Unfortunately, the jewelry fashion wasn’t as important as an Edward sighting or a Bella scowl. Speaking of, the ‘Bella’ of the ball – Kristen Stewart – showed up in a stunning Oscar de la Renta gown but wore nary a jewel (ok, a few bangles – but whatever). And, well, despite how much I LOVE the fact that she’s playing Joan Jett in the upcoming Runaways movie – she’s got this Ellen Page-esque aversion to glam that -well – disappoints me. She’s a stunner and could have turned it up a notch this go-round. Just my two cents.

Co-stars, Dakota Fanning and Nikki Reed looked adorable and Jennie Garth and Ashley Green made a glittering showing – but overall, I found the female fashions to be less than gawk-worthy considering the huge phenomenon this has turned out to be. Am I right?

Taylor and Rob, on the other hand? Um, yeah, I get it America. To die…

Oh, and how could I forget to peddle to Twilight: New Moon jewelry line – already a strong seller for Nordies?

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  1. janet the curious gemini

    I just read the history of vampire folklore on Wikepedia and, of course, it goes WAY back, long before Dracula was written, it’s basically been around forever. The first American craze that I was mystified by was Anne Rice’s “Lestat” series. So here’s what I want to know: yes, it’s sexy for obvious reasons, but does it become forefront and center in popular culture and fashion based on economics and/or politics? Did the eighties need Lestat for a reason? Do the late two-thousands need Twilight for a reason? Did Victorian England need Dracula for a reason? hmmmm…

  2. Jewelry Insider

    Ooh. Great question. To me, vampires represent two things in pop culture: ‘the other’ and ‘the unattainable’. The 50s had Elvis to represent ‘bad boy chic’ and vampires are used in the same way today – hence all the teen fans? And unrequited love is always a winner (Jane Austen anyone?) True Blood uses vampires in society as a metaphor for raciscm, homophobia etc – certainly a topic at the top of everyone’s consciousness with Obama in the Oval Office and gay marriage gaining traction? And goth fashion has been making a comeback since the Bush era. Make your own conclusions there, Janet the gemini. What do you guys think?

  3. janet the curious gemini

    “the other” and “the unattainable” are very interesting points, Jewelry Insider! I do believe you have enlightened me, and whatever any of us can do to erase the George Bush era I say “go for it”!

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