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October 1, 2008

The runways in New York, London and Milan have spoiled us this season with big, bawdy jewelry statements that are downright gawk-worthy. Paris, on the other hand, is a ghost town in the bling department. To compensate, designers have apparently decided to put the gasp in headwear so spectacular any other accessory would be relegated to second-class citizen. And well, that’s just not where we want our jewelry now, is it?

Commes des Garcons models wore white wigs so large, Marie Antoinette herself would take a topple. Junya Watanabe’s line used cornucpia-sized head pieces to highlight his African prints and contrast his comfy criss-cross sandals. Icon Vivienne Westwood contributed her signature style to the beach hat genre and Yohji Yamamoto featured big black and white futuristic looks with his calm palettes.

Dior did come to our rescue with a line featuring statement necklaces, earrings and cuffs using what appears to be Buddha-inspired statues throughout. The clothes themselves didn’t hit high marks with the critics, but this jewelry hound was glad to see at least a little glitter where it belongs. This is the city of lights after all.

The week isn’t over yet, of course, so there are plenty more opportunities for designers to show us some diamonds, some gemstones, some gold – anything we can sink our teeth into. I can’t imagine we’ll see a complete dearth of the bling, but if these head strong Parisians don’t belly up?…I’ll eat my hat.

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