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June 6, 2008

So the big jewel-fest in Las Vegas is over. And the verdicts are starting to come in.

Verdict number one – jewelers aren’t the most successful card players according to most accounts. Verdict number two – most of the jewelry industry is on a diet after five days of glutinous eating. Verdict number three – the major trends are pretty unanimous from high-end six figure pieces to mall steals.
A quick wrap-up of what’s to come:
Big, big, big stones. Top choices are delicious smoky quartz, some funky translucent crystal and gorgeous green gems. Cut wise – it’s a cabochon case underscoring that rocks have to be faceted to be fearsome.
Green Quartz Ring by
Small diamonds clustered together on the ears, in rings or hanging in pendants are going to give the rich look at the right price. But…… if you’re going to go with diamonds, don’t forget the color. Black and brown diamonds are absolute must-haves this coming winter. If you’re a true jewelry aficionado you’re going to have at least a couple of colored diamond pieces at the ready.
Black Diamond Ring by for JCPenney

The price of gold means two things too……. Silver and Gold or Colored Gold. That old favorite, yellow gold is having a tough time – as the price of gold continues to hurt, jewelers are coming up with innovative ways to keep gold fresh. Mixing silver and gold together is keeping prices affordable without loosing the luxe-look. But, if you’re a gold charmer, then freshening up gold looks is some romantic rose-gold. Adding a pink touch to the metal is THE way to make old become new and boring become beautiful.
Design-wise it’s a furry world out there. Animal themes were hot, hot, hot… From penguins to poodles, ladybirds to lions, animalistic outlines were dominating demands.
Bee Pendant

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