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July 26, 2008

Once an engagement is called off, should the women return her engagement ring? Some say absolutely, others say absolutely no. If she keeps it, what should she do with it? Some say put it in a box, stuff it under the underwear and let it be a reminder of a ‘narrow escape’. Others say sell it, auction it, give it away or even have the diamond reset into a solitaire pendant.
A friend of mine, whose boyfriend bought her diamond engagement ring from Wal-mart (a good deal it was too) actually returned it for store credit and for at least a year, didn’t pay a dime for her toilet-paper, bleach and mega-sized bags of potato chips.
But, the return of the ring is going to be the least of a jilter’s troubles if a recent ruling is anything to go by. A woman in Florida was awarded $150,000 when her fiancee called off their wedding.
Apparently leaving a note in the bathroom expressing doubts isn’t the best way to let your intended know you’re having second thoughts. This intended obviously wasn’t going to go with the ‘we’ll still be friends line’. Instead, the jilted bride to be, Rose-Marie Shell took her once-betrothed to court claiming she suffered significantly, both and emotionally and financially, from his decision to call off the nuptials.
The 2-carat diamond engagement ring remains hers, although she said she plans to sell it. Instead of selling your rings – take the pain and make it yours. Have the diamond re-set in a cocktail setting – after all if this doesn’t call for some self-indulgence – what does?

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