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January 17, 2010

Update: I was able to confirm that yes, indeed, these are the very same emerald earrings Julianne Moore wears in the Bulgari campaign. All $3 million dollars worth! Holy jaw drop!

Well, jewelry hounds – we have another emerald earring red carpet jaw-dropper. Julianne Moore just showed on the 2010 Golden Globe red carpet with (what I assume) are the Bulgari emerald earrings she wears in their latest campaign. And, as I expected, they are even MORE magnificent than Angelina Jolie’s emerald earring stunners at the Oscars last year – if that’s possible.

These Bulgari masterpieces are 115 carats (!) of pure Colombian emerald bliss, folks. I die!

Stay tuned for more Golden Globe coverage…the A-listers are still on their way!

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  1. Anonymous

    They’re big, but I prefer Angelina’s stunning colour – these look so dark you can’t really see the green.

  2. Sandy

    I prefer Angelina’s. The color is better and Julianne’s are just too big for her ears. I love Cindy’s comment for zapping the bottom of ears so they don’t sag!!!

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