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October 17, 2008

Last night, all eyes were on political candidates John McCain ad Barack Obama at the tony, white tie Al Smith charity roast at the Waldorf in New York City. Well, perhaps all eyes but mine. The speeches were traditionally hilarious, the mood light, and while anyone who is anyone in politics and media was relieved to have a break from the gut wrenching campaign for a night, I couldn’t stop looking at Katie Couric.

No, I wasn’t in the room (unfortunately). But if any of you watched on TV, you probably couldn’t help but notice how much bling the CBS anchor was sporting. It was downright distracting. The necklace was so sparkly, the diamond cuff so stunning, I could hardly focus.

The dimly lit room was perfect for that diamond light show. You know that light. I kept hoping the camera would pan out so I could get a closer look since she was sitting right behind the podium, but only laser-show like flashes of her bling would peak in the frame from time to time. Cindy McCain must have been drooling in her crab cakes.

While I am still on the search for more details about Katie’s baubles, I did manage to find the hilarious Mo Rocca’s blog, where he posted pics of the evening – including a stunner of Katie, the diamond diva. He says it’s going to be their Christmas card this year – and well – I don’t blame him.

Katie is certainly quieting her critics after scoring those pivotal Sarah Palin interviews, but she’s getting roaring cheers from this jewelry hound. It’s not easy to upstage Barack in a tux, but if we have to elect the night’s best dressed? Katie would win by a landslide.

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