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March 3, 2010

So no one wants to go to prison – particularly if you’re a gazillionaire rapper. But Lil’ Wayne apparently has luck and bad dental hygiene on his side these days as the sentencing hearing for his gun possesion charge dating back to 2007 has been postponed twice – and for two bizarre reasons.

The first was emergency dental work – a whopping 8 root canals – scheduled due to decay caused by his signature blinged out grill – a diamond, gold and platinum masterpiece worth a reported $150,000! Weezy – get the floss out dude!

No word yet on whether LW will get to bring his bling in the big house (Riker’s no less), as there are rules about bringing in valuables that can later be traded for cigarettes and the like.

So March 2nd was the re-scheduled sentencing date post oral surgery, but in a bizarre turn the courthouse caught on fire that morning causing yet another delay. According to Rolling Stone, it remains unclear whether Lil Wayne’s next hearing will be moved to another venue or postponed until a later date.

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  1. patio girl

    Love your range Jewelry Insider. You have your finger on many pulses and we all benefit.

  2. Jewelry Secrets

    lol I don’t even know what to say to this, get the floss out dude says enough. 🙂 1 Root Canal is painful as it is, let alone 8. That’s just silly. But, one good thing, all that tooth rot won’t hurt the diamonds!

  3. Jewelry Insider

    Patio Girl, thank you for your kind words. Now your life is complete since you know about the ‘other’ grill that’s not so patio-friendly.

    And yes, Jewelry Secrets – 8(!) root canals is ridiculous. I guess if you can spend $150 gs on tooth ornaments you can splurge when your teeth start to fall out of your head…

  4. Vernell Leider

    Why would you wear diamonds on your teeth when you can wear it on your finger? 8 root canals?! How often does he brush his teeth? Oh, I forgot he’s wearing diamond grillz! I know that it is a status symbol to them, but man! I’d rather wear my teeth in its original pearls!

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