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July 28, 2008

Break out your pencil skirts and matching sweater sets, AMC’s acclaimed series Mad Men is back! Last night’s highly anticipated premiere brought us die-hard Don Draper junkies back to the era of three-martini lunches, well-dressed ad men and the women who love (or are forced to tolerate) them. The surprise hit and critical darling earned 16 Emmy nods, and the show’s authentic early 60s fashions have inspired trendsetters and designers around the globe to find their inner Tippy Hedren.

This season begins on Valentine’s Day 1962. Jackie Kennedy is winning over America with her White House tour, and women are falling in love with her distinct brand of sophistication and grace. Rumor has it the show’s female characters will take center stage this season, which means more yummy period fashions for us to drool over.

Look out for more Grace Kelly-inspired evening wear, swing skirts and neck scarves. Button pearl earrings, signature pendants, costume jewelry and the classic office brooch will all be on display. And of course every Mad Men must-have is the ubiquitous pearl strand. Not to worry, though, ladies, the dashing Don Draper and his exploits are still the series’ main focus. And those suits! Growl.

So those of us who miss gathering every Sunday for Sex and the City fashion fixes can now look forward to planning viewing parties filled with fondue, cocktail dresses and clip ons. Move over Cosmos, there’s a new kid in town! She prefers her drinks shaken…not stirred.

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  1. Anonymous

    swing skirts and neck scarves… I am in! Loved this article. I have not watched the show, but I plan to now! Thanks for the fun fashion tips… I better get my string of pearls out.

  2. Anonymous

    This is the best written and acted show since the Sopranos…if you love well written and well acted, not to mention great looking actors DO NOT miss this show!

  3. alison

    I am missing my weekly adventures of Mad Men. I have been watching since the first season.
    I was working in the late 60’s and early 70’s and knew women like Joan and Peggy. Of course the men were much like they are portrayed on Mad Men. I used to call them Kings in Little Kingdoms (only to myself and family).
    But most of all I watch the jewelry the women wear. In the first season, Joan had a copper necklace that looked like it could be Rebajes. I was trying to figure if Joan would have worn that…and Betty had inexpensive costume jewelry on when I expected her to be wearing Miriam Haskell. But recently, the “Betty Draper” in my life passed away and her family asked me to go through her jewelry. Well, there was Haskell, but there was also Sarah Coventry, Coro, Napier and other more common pieces. I realized then that Mad Men had put the right jewelry on Betty. That it is the woman, so powerful and dazzling, mysterious and subtle, that makes the jewelry attractive.
    Alison Phalan

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