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December 4, 2008

For those of you who miss the bangled Madonna of yesteryear, the Jewelry Insider has good news. I found these sneak peak pics of our Madge in the new Louis Vuitton campaign, and her arms are, well, just loaded with ‘em.

Taking a cue from the Spring ’09 looks that littered his runway shows this fall, Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton dressed the ageless pop star in a series of layered bangles and cuffs, along with a feathery peach tutu and fishnets. Drag queens, get out your sketch books.

“She’s so sure of herself as an icon and as a woman. It was her idea to do the fishnets,” Jacobs told WWD. “What fascinates me the most about her is her never-ending energy, and the idea of becoming and changing. She’s an artist who’s unafraid to use her voice.”

The final six Paris bistro-inspired shots were captured by the famous Steven Meisel and will appear in a range of fashion magazines in February. It was rumored that Madonna earned $10 million for the campaign, but LV director of communications, Antoine Arnault, assured WWD, “It’s very far away from that.”

While the Madonna ads will feature LV slouchy handbags and ready-to-wear fashions, the iconic fashion house also launched two new patented diamonds to add to label lovers’ Christmas lists.

Will the divine Miss M desperately seek diamonds for the next LV campaign? You can bet I’ll be watching…

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