Mariah Carey’s Ring Pop Bling

As yet another celebrity couple pretends to profess their undying love for one another in a vow renewal ceremony, there’s really one explanation for the trend: it’s an excuse to buy more diamonds.

From Heidi Klum & Seal to Tori & Dean, vow renewal ceremonies are all the rage in Hollywood – but it was Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey’s re-walk down the aisle last month that brought out bling worthy of a lower jaw drop moment.

We all remember the 17-carat pink diamond engagement ring Nick gave to the diva – now she has a sparkling pink candy ring to match. The custom-made ring pop bling from Jason of Beverly Hills is made out of diamonds and pink sapphires in a white gold setting and comes in a special box with a spinner so Miss Mariah can see it sparkle under the lights. Wheeeee!!!

“This is for fun. This is what we do for toys. At some point you’ve gotta have a sense of humor about all of this. A sense of humor with diamonds,” Nick explained.

I’m laughing on the inside, Nick.

What do you guys think of this ‘vow renewal’ trend? And how about that ‘candy’ ring??

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  1. Jewelry lover

    Only in Hollywood where marriages have an expiration date of couple of years, it makes sense to re-marry after just two years. This will never work in “real life”. I’m sorry but I really don’t like that ring, it’s as ridiculous as the whole concept.
    Oh, my comment sounds angry, lol.

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    Maria Carey you are so beautiful and voluptuous,I think that the ring that she wore is so expensive and fine, I would like to buy a similar one! 22dd

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