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July 13, 2009

Men’s Rings Jewelry

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Men's Wedding BandDiamonds¬†aren’t just a GIRL’s best friend anymore – men are definitely developing a BRO-mance with them too – especially when it comes to men’s rings. Men’s jewelry was once considered a pair of cufflinks, a gold or silver tiepin and perhaps a college gold pinkie ring… No more. Today’s Designers are using alternative metals, diamonds (and other gems) and cutting-edge designs in traditional styling to create male rings that are gems of desire. Titanium, tungsten carbide, silver, gold, steel and even leather are just some of the materials that today are making rings for men sparklingly stylish and strong. Men’s rings with diamonds in military, sport or college motifs, or men’s rings with colored gems and engravings all the way to traditional men’s wedding bands demonstrate that men’s rings are as diverse and stylish these days as their female counterparts. Traditionally men have opted for the plain gold wedding ring for the third finger, left hand. However, an increasing number of men are choosing men’s wedding rings with diamonds and other gemstones. Nowadays, in fact, one in five grooms are choosing men’s wedding bands designed with diamonds in the setting. In so choosing one should consider the lifestyle of the groom; will the stone get in the way should he be the athletic or works-with-his-hands type of guy, is gold or silver too soft for the ultra-active male hence platinum might be the better choice? Along those same lines, another rising trend in men’s wedding bands is the use of those alterative materials. Titanium is quickly becoming a staple in men’s wedding ring collections, due to its durability, affordability, and gunmetal gray color. Tungsten carbide often with gold or platinum inlays is another metal that is witnessing a rise in popularity. But the latest trend in men’s rings is even more off the well-beaten traditional path. Some engaged men are sporting men’s engagement rings (with or without diamonds/colored stones) given to them by their fiances as a sign of equality. Male engagement rings are standard in other countries, including those as diverse as Sweden and Syria. It’s only stateside that this growing practice of men’s engagement ring exchange between the bride and groom seems to be the new trend. Some design experts feel that men, traditionally, have been “left out in the cold” with nothing tangible to show that they’ve gotten engaged. Wearing their own men’s engagement ring is a way to give men the same feeling of commitment and promise that women have always had once that diamond has been placed on their finger. Whether you are a man shopping for your own unique men’s ring to add some masculine bling, or a couple interested in exchanging just the right symbols of engagement and marriage, the growing landscape of rings for men offers you unlimited combinations of gemstones, ring styles and materials to select the men’s ring match for any finger.

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